Collection: Call Me Vulva

Euphemisms… where do we even begin? 

Most people born with vulvas grow up referring to their genitals as something other than a “vulva”.

Hoo ha, fanny, vajayjay, cookie, and all sorts of other inappropriate cover-up terms are common. 

“But these words sound cute, what’s the problem?”

😪 Most euphemisms used to describe vulvas such as, “I’m going to get some poon,” are rooted in sexism and misogyny. They’re extremely degrading and objectify the vulva’s person.

😪 They prevent us from being able to advocate for our needs properly without feelings of guilt or shame. Sometimes, it’s easier to stay silent than face these uncomfortable emotions.

😪 It’s near impossible to be specific about your desires and boundaries effectively when you refer to your vulva as “down there”. This leaves a lot of confidence and pleasure on the table in relationships.

This collection serves to remind us that there is nothing disgusting about the word vulva.

Vulva is yours. You get to own it 💪

That said, we’re totally on board with reclaiming “Pussy” (and if you haven't read Mama Gena’s book “Pussy - A Reclamation”, we highly recommend it!), using yoni if that resonates with you, or really anything else you choose to reclaim for yourself (even if we’ve included it as a crossed out word)! 💜