Consent Collection Featured Image - Photo of a model smiling outdoors while wearing the Create Consent Culture Floral design t-shirt.

Consent Collection

They say you can never have too much consent (we say that, anyway).

Here's an invitation to set confident boundaries, live your best life, and normalize consent culture with pride!

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A photo of a two individuals wearing vulva t-shirts while smiling together on a grey couch against a red background.

Why Vulva Art?

When it comes to our bodies – there is no one normal body…

Now we can finally show that to more people.

Why We Got Started
Photo of a person wearing orange glasses and a crop top with the "Empowered Humans Empower Humans" design, gazing confidently at you while standing against a blue and orange background.

You Are Perfection Embodied

In a world that often celebrates self-sacrifice and relentless ambition, this collection serves as a gentle reminder of the most essential relationship in our lives - the one with ourselves 🤍 

The Self-Love & Empowerment Collection
A photo of the Vulva Mandala Maria canvas print on a bedroom night table.

Vulva Wall Art

Vulvas brighten the energy of any space and make the perfect decor for your bedroom, sex room, or office.

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