Collection: My Friends and I

"I wish I had something like this when I was a little girl because it would have helped me understand there’s nothing wrong with the way my vulva looks."

💔 Nearly half of vulva-bodied people are concerned about the appearance of their vulvas, and a significant portion of those individuals feel like they’re unloveable and unworthy because of how they look.

Is there a part of you that can relate?

Just knowing about, let alone celebrating, the beautiful diversity of vulva shapes, sizes, and colors can be so freeing for those of us still wishing we could attain some ideal image based on what we’ve seen in porn and other forms of media.

“My Friends and I” was created to showcase a small portion of this diversity as a reminder to appreciate ourselves and share this intention with others. It’s yours to enjoy on a selection of organic cotton garments, accessories, and stickers!