A photo of two people wearing vulva shirts and leaning on one another while smiling with warm confidence.

You're Not Broken...💜

Nearly half of vulva-bodied individuals have concerns about the appearance of their genitals.

Many of us live our lives feeling like there's something wrong with us because of comparisons we make to ideals we learn from porn and other mainstream media.

The lack of education around our bodies isn't our fault, yet it has contributed to an epidemic of guilt, shame, and disgust that separates us from confidence and arguably our most powerful source of joy and creativity.

FACT: There's no such thing as a "normal" vulva.

And every vulva is normal... but with the deeply-held beliefs we've inherited about our bodies, it can be difficult to live like this is the truth, with many individuals choosing to "fix" the problem from the outside.

Worldwide, the number of labiaplasties (vulval surgery) is increasing, with 164,667 performed in 2019, which corresponded to a 24.1% increase compared to 2018 and a 73.3% rise compared to 2015, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

A photo of Sarah holding a coconut while sitting in a cushy bed, laughing to herself and feeling joyful as one does when being asked to pose for pictures.

Hi, I’m Sarah! 👋🏻

I’m a Sexuality and Empowerment Coach-in-Training.

A part of my ongoing sexual healing journey involved learning how disconnected I had been from my body, and how I overcompensate by living in my head.

This had devastating consequences for my ability love myself, connect with the people I care about, and enjoy the life I have.

I discovered that cultivating a sense of safety within my own body is the key to processing and healing, and I share this as an invitation for others to inquire about what safety feels like within themselves.

A photo of Sarah Lemmerman's original silver vulva sculpture mounted on red canvas. The inner labia glistens in metallic silver in contrast to the bright red surroundings.

Why Vulvas?

(Not "vaginas")

As I was learning to accept the numbness, disconnection, and frustration I felt every time I tried to connect with my body and feel pleasure, it became clear that I needed to find more supportive ways to do so.

Instead of overriding my body's boundaries with pleasure and embodiment practices that didn't yet feel safe for me, I gave myself permission to explore different avenues for personal pleasure.

On one path, I set out my art supplies and started creating vulva-themed art as a way to better connect with myself.

In creating art, I gave myself permission to redefine what pleasure can mean for me, and I was slowly able to release myself from societal expectations I perceived about pleasure, who can have it, and how to get it.

Best of all, art gets me out of my head and into my body in a way that feels safe where I can enjoy the pleasure of creation in the process!

A photo of a person wearing the "Call Me Vulva" t-shirt design while playing the drums with a joyful expression.

You Are Enough

You’re helping us create a world where individuals can lean into acceptance and appreciation (even admiration 😉) of their vulvas.

We believe all people deserve to feel like they belong, that they aren’t broken, and that they are worthy of love regardless of what their bodies and vulvas look like.

As a part of our mission, we're representing and normalizing the beautiful diversity of vulvas as one way of showing people that: 

When it comes to our bodies – there is no one normal body…

Our hope is that our clothing can serve as one way to reclaim our bodies as they are, and have fun wearing outfits that bring light to a subject that’s been taboo for too long.

I Wish Someone Told Me This Sooner...

"Why might the seemingly simple fact that all human genitals are made of the same parts, organized in different ways be the most important thing you'll ever learn about human sexuality?

...Because it means your genitals are normal – and not just normal, but amazing and beautiful and captivating and delicious and enticing, on down the alphabet, all the way to zesty – regardless of what they look like. They are made of the same parts as everyone else's genitals, organized in a configuration utterly unique to you.

The entire range is normal. Beautiful. Perfect."

- Emily Nogoski, Ph.D. in "Come As You Are"

A photo of a person wearing the "Don't Call Me Vagina" t-shirt while pulling back their long hair and smiling with their elbows up, gazing into the distance.

Why Clothing?

The world is filled with commercial brands touting slogans that reinforce disempowering societal norms.

We believe wearing our vulvas on our sleeves (quite literally) is one way to interrupt these norms and have fun doing it.

Vulva-themed clothing lets us express ourselves more authentically and create opportunities to educate those around us.

The Vulva Collection is the place where we get to use this concept to promote empowering messages about vulvas and vulva-bodied individuals to the world!

A photo of two people wearing vulva shirts and laughing together.

Our Values

The Vulva Collection believes all people have a right to live safely and thrive without the fear of harm or giving up who they are.

Everything we produce comes from a place of love.

We do not tolerate hateful messaging or violent behaviors intended to negatively judge or harm others.

We do not support rhetoric or policies that seek to control how human beings care for their own bodies.

A photo of two people wearing vulva shirts and laying in the grass together.

Commitment to Sustainability

We do our best to sustainably source our products. Our clothing is made from organic cotton where possible with the very occasional recycled polyester blend. We're improving the sustainability of our non-clothing items as well!

Right now, all orders are print-on-demand, which reduces material waste as much as possible.

This also means you might need to wait just a little bit longer for your order to arrive because everything is made especially for you! Thank you for your commitment and patience!

We continually seek to improve in this area as better materials and processes become available.

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VITA/SLRC Sibling?

We’d love to support your endeavors!

Whether you’re sending welcome boxes to new clients, running a retreat, or have a specific slogan or design in mind, let’s connect and see how we can support each other!

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